3D laser design - WASP reseller

3D laser design - WASP reseller

WASP is a leading company in the manufacturing and sales of 3D printers that are completely made in Italy, demonstrating knowledge and creativity 3D laser design becomes WASP reseller.

As a WASP reseller, 3D laser design offers Delta WASP series printers (Delta 20 40, Delta 40 70, Delta 60 100, Delta 3MT and BIGDelta 12 m), which covers a wide range of print sizes from very small to jumbo projects. 3D WASP printers are positioned in medical and educational areas, and WASP is the first to launch 3D prints and ceramic works.

3d printing on demand
Company 3D laser design provides professional 3d printing services on demand. Services are provided on WASP printers which work with variety of plastic materials, including ABS and Polystyrene. We are ready to complete orders promptly with short lead times. Request a quote directly via email info@3dlaser-design.hr
Our service includes: model preparation for 3d printing, 3d print, additional services

3D design and drafting service

3D laser design provides 3d CAD modeling services, in more detail:

3d modeling according to delivered sketches
Reverse engineering - 3d modeling of the existing parts

We can receive and deliver 3d models in the following formats

The customer should provide a sketch or an existing item which needs to be replicated. The cost are determined in advance, based on predicted number of working hours. Finder guarantees data confidentiality.

Estimating costs
The costs of 3D printing are based on 3d model analysis in slicer software, which estimates the material and time consumption per print. For cost estimate we recommend sending the models in following formats:


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